On Mask and Fantasy, you can find masks in different styles and for different occasions.

Animal masks: They look so real and will make you look just like your favorite animal. Super funny to enjoy Halloween and costume parties like an animal caricature.

The skull animal mask will bring a gothic mood to your costume. If you feel like being a little more creepy to enjoy the party, this is such a great option for your costume.

Horror masks have famous horror movie characters as an inspiration. You can haunt and frighten at Halloween celebrations when you wear them. They are classical when Halloween season is right around the corner so get ready to be as terrible as your favorite character and have a lot of fun!

Latex masks are so realistic that is impossible to be unnoticed at the party when you are wearing it. They are available in animal faces and also in some famous horror movie characters. Don´t miss the chance to freak everybody out with the latex mask.

LED Masks are super funny and count on technology to make you shine at the party. Bring some light to the darkness and be the brightest guest. The LED goes on specific details of your face such as the eyes and mouth.

Venetian Masks are the fanciest ones. Good for those who look for a posh outfit to enjoy Halloween. The Venetian Carnival inspires those masks so it is super chic. The Venetian mask is a good option to join a charming masquerade party in such a mysterious style.